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ITE (Holdings) Limited - Parent Company of Quesco



Established in early 1997, ITE (Holdings) Limited is the most fast growing smartcard and radio frequency identification (“RFID”) service provider and system integrator in Hong Kong.  Over the years, we have been providing sophisticated smartcard and RFID solutions to an impressive client list of Hong Kong's major public and private sectors.


Our mission is to become the leading smartcard and RFID solution provider and system integrator in Asia Pacific region. ITE has established a leading profile in Hong Kong smartcard industry with proven track record and excellent reputation. With profound expertise, strong research and development capability, the Group has taken a proactive approach to introduce innovative and customized smartcard applications to our clients. Leveraging on our extensive industry experience, the Group is developing smartcard and RFID solutions for clients from many industries and expanding our business to the People's Republic of China (“the PRC”) and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.


Our services include the following areas:


1.1         System Integration

We provide a one-stop-shop for conception, design, procurement, customization and implementation of fully integrated hardware and software configurations. Our package offers the most up-to-date, end-to-end solutions, together with full after sales support to our customers.


1.2         Project Management

Our expert team of project managers and systems/software engineers is able to customize existing applications specifically for particular business needs, as well as develop new solutions for a wide variety of situations in public and private sectors. We offer customized smartcard and RFID project management subjected to clients’ needs.


1.3         Software and Hardware development

With strong research and development capability, we develop innovative and up-to-date software and hardware to meet the market trends and our project needs.


1.4         Equipment and component supply

To implement the best results for clients' project, we provide high quality equipment and component ranging from readers and antennas, PCs, controllers, servers and other hardware for our clients’ projects.


1.5         After-sales service and maintenance

Not only do we provide one-stop-shop project management, we also provide full range of after-sales service and maintenance for the project implemented to ensure smooth operation of systems implemented. 


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