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Investigation Intelligence System

Law enforcement organisations rely heavily on accurate and timely information to support their business processes, especially during execution of operations.  Where intelligence is concerned, information is usually scattered and apparently irrelevant when initially collected, which requires complex and tedious works to unveil the truth hidden.  For time critical operations, such as the arrival and departure clearance at immigration control points, accuracy and efficiency are essences in completing transaction within seconds.  To cater for all these situations, QISL has the most appropriate solutions.


QISL has successfully tailor-made solutions for handling investigation cases, from the beginning of potential crime reporting, through a series of intelligence gathering and analysis, investigation, case tracking and management, operations and proceedings, until the establishment of corresponding judgment.


To assist in the intelligence analysis, QISL has customised solutions based on software packages to facilitate visualization of intelligence data, which supports investigators to create hypothetical scenario for analysis and actual situation for court proceedings.  Investigators are free to produce graphical charts showing relationships of all relevant objects, transactions of targeted phone numbers and bank accounts, as well as event chart in chronological sequence.  Furthermore, all objects and relationships to be shown on the chart can be directly retrieved from the central database via a sophisticated search engine.  Objects and relationships altered on the chart can also be synchronized back to the central database to maintain the data integrity.



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