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Exclusive Search Consulting Services

This search method does not require an initial retention of service fee however it does require that the client company commits to the use of QUESCO Systems services on a totally exclusive basis for each assignment for a specified time. This time period is agreed at the initial stage of the search process and is considered completed upon the successful placement of a candidate into the client position or, the period expires without successfully filling the role.  

   Exclusive Search

This method explores the available candidate pool in a company's industry sector and is also an effective method of providing an accurate benchmark of many aspects of the position to be filled.

  • The process is very effective for the recruitment of roles that are specific and require hard to find skills or attributes.
  • The fee payment schedule is based upon the successful placement of a candidate. 

  Recommendation & Advantages

This method is recommended for companies that may have an urgent requirement to fill a position that has been recently vacated or the core skillset required is not abundantly available in the client's industry sector.


It is a valuable method of benchmarking the current and future availability of specific skills and/ or attributes and their cost. Our procedures for this method tap into an extensive wealth of information relative to a specific industry, position, skill or attribute.


The information retrieved on behalf of any search we conduct serves to not only identify and attract the key required individuals to a role but also to provide an in-depth insight into the specified industry sector, it's standards, progression, feasability and future.


Information pertaining to the positioning and reputation of our clients and their competitors is regularly uncovered using this method.


Our Research is "Strictly Confidential".

  • Suitable for assignments where there is a limited pool of potential candidates for a specific role.
  • QUESCO Systems will examine and qualify all potential candidates to ensure that the client receives the most accurately targeted individuals who are interested in the position.
  • QUESCO Systems conducts Technical Testing on all candidates interviewed by our consultants. The results are matched to client specified levels of proficiency required for a role prior to re-screening. 
  • QUESCO Systems maintains an information Knowledge Base including an extensive database range of existing fully qualified and tested professionals.
  • The information in our database is current and accurately maintained to ensure proficient time management when recruiting for our clients.


This process normally requires 8 weeks. 


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