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Database Search Services

This search is a very useful method for organisations to pro-actively develop their own pool of candidates for their current openings and potential candidates for future upcoming roles.

   Database Search

This method explores the available candidate pool in a company's industry sector and is also an effective method of providing an accurate benchmark of many aspects of the position to be filled.


There are openings within an organisation, they need to be filled and a candidate resource is required.

  • The process is very effective for the recruitment roles that may not be very high profile, urgent and/or sensitive.
  • The fee payment schedule is based upon the successful placement of a candidate.

  Recommendation & Advantages

This method is recommended for companies that may have the luxury of time or a wide availability of potential candidates from which they can select for their positions. It is the favoured method of most Human Resource personnel.


QUESCO Systems maintains an extensive database range of existing fully qualified and tested professionals.


QUESCO Systems conducts Technical Testing on all candidates interviewed by our consultants. The results are matched to client specified levels of proficiency required for a role prior to re-screening. 

  • Suitable for assignments where there is a large pool of potential candidates for a specific role.
  • Discuss the specifications for the position/ positions with us and we will contact you with potential candidates within your specified timeframe.
  • The information in our database is current and accurately maintained to ensure proficient time management when recruiting for our clients.



The process can normally be completed within an 8 week period. Depending upon the level of difficulty in qualifying suitable candidates.


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