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Contract Services Division


Through building close partnerships with clients, QUESCO Systems can take complete responsibility for the recruitment function, enabling the client to focus on their core business activities. With our dedicated Contract Services Division we can deliver an efficient and cost-effective customised service. QUESCO Systems, for example, has been providing this level service to the Hong Kong Government for more than 10 years and has just recently been awarded the Government T 21 contract.


QUESCO Systems has successfully retained a pool of high quality employees with leading technological skills to address the business requirements of our clients. We are a Government authorized service provider and have been engaged by the Government of the HKSAR for the provisions of IT contract staff services since 1991.


Our Contract Services Division specialises in providing the following professionals;



The benefits

  • Project managers
  • Analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Network support specialists
  • Programmers
  • Operators
  • Data input personnel
  • Clients do not need to invest in extra staff
  • There is no need for training or getting new staff up to speed
  • Costs are easily quantifiable and controlled
  • Ad hoc changes in workload can be handled quickly and efficiently
  • No headcount is required

The Solution


Typically, and according to the client brief, a single consultant or small team will be dispatched to establish a full-time presence working onsite and in close co-operation with customer management and the in-house IT department. Our consultants receive their assignment direct from the customer and get straight down to the job in hand.


Whatever the considerations, QUESCO Systems has a solution.

  • We can swiftly set in motion a search campaign to identify, attract and attain any required skill-set for our clients.
  • We can easily introduce a selection of expert personnel for permanent or contract roles and can also offer out sourced solution services that can be tailored to meet each and every detail.
  • We have our own project teams of engineers, developers, project managers and networking specialists that can be made available to our clients.
  • We have more than 12 years of experience making systems work in Hong Kong.
  • We have a solid and renowned reputation for the provision of expert technical professionals to the Hong Kong Government.
  • We are a leading System Integration Solution provider.

The Business 


Clients usually know what they want to accomplish but are not necessarily aware of the best and most time and cost-effective way to achieve their objective. There are many cases in which the objectives are clear but the path is vague or dotted with obstacles such as those listed below.

  • The position has been ongoing for some time with no evident progress.
  • The position is not actually vacant however the current incumbent is in need of replacement.
  • The position is newly created and therefore level, responsibilities and reporting structure due diligence is necessary to fit the corporate model.
  • The company needs someone for this role but is unsure as to whether it should be a permanent role or an initial interim management role.
  • At certain times, there may be insufficient head-count available for hiring managers to bring the necessary skills in-house to complete the existing workload or initiate new critical projects.
  • Hiring permanent staff is not sensible because of the short time expected to complete the task.


QUESCO Systems provides the solution.



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