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Case Management System

Case management has been an essential component in the computer systems of many organisations that involve in handling cases, like criminal cases, court proceeding cases, ordinance compliance investigation cases, complaint cases and etc..  Typically, tedious screening / vetting processes are required to qualify an application to form a valid case.  Upon formation of a case, officer(s) will be assigned to handle the case with a series of investigation and follow-up actions, which require intensive monitoring as well as authorisation steps.  Results of each case must be recorded accurately for case closure, housekeeping or even further referral.  On top of all these processes is usually a set of pre-defined performance pledge governing the efficiency of the organisation.  Having an effective case management system is a key to the success of such organisations, and QISL has just the right solution.


QISL has successfully implemented case management systems to a number of Government organisations.  The success is evidenced by the improvement of both efficiency and accuracy in handling cases.


Special features have been tailor-made to cope with specific business natures and practices of various organisations.  For the Small Claims Tribunal Registry of the Judiciary, addresses of plaintiffs and defendants hand-written on a single form are automatically trimmed by the system and stored as photo images.  Bailiffs then use these images for subsequent postage to eliminate any human errors that may be introduced if manual translation is adopted.  Bar code technology is deployed to trace locations of physical case files and to facilitate their housekeeping.

The system also provides standard features like sophisticated bring-up functions, multi-levels authorisation, comprehensive audit trails and secure access control.

Relevant Projects Reference


Small Claims Tribunal Registry System (SCLAIM) and Probate Registry System (PROBATE) of the Judiciary


Complaints Handling System (CHS) of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and the Equal Opportunity Commission Operations Department Information System (OPSIS) of the Independent Commission Against Corruption


Formation Information Communal System (FICS) of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF)


Occupational Retirement Schemes System (ORSS) of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA)



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