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Advertising Search Services

This method is a hybrid of Exclusive Search and Database Search but also incorporates an advertising campaign in selected press media. It is an excellent method of covering the complete candidate pool. With the accompanying use of our database and our search techniques an impressive portfolio of superb candidates can be produced within a short period. 

   Advertising Search

The process is very effective for the recruitment roles that may not be very high profile, urgent and/or sensitive.

This method is recommended for companies in which there are a significant amount of openings that need to be filled and a candidate evaluation resource is required.

The Advertising costs are all that are required to start this process.

The fee payment schedule is based upon the successful placement of a candidate.

  Recommendation & Advantages

The advantage of getting your firms name into the market via the press can only but improve the company image.

This however must be a controlled approach. The company's name and reputation will now be judged on the evaluation of the people who apply for the positions. Mismanagement of this process could be disastrous.

This is where QUESCO Systems excel! We have built and developed the procedures and practices required to manage this process perfectly.


  • We have fixed procedures in place for the Response Management and handling of enquiries on behalf of our clients. So they don't need to wade through 600 CVs looking for 3 candidates. We do that for them and also ensure that all applicants receive high quality response management.
  • QUESCO Systems have developed their own technology platforms with a view to proficient, professional and responsible management of all applications or questions in concern with our client positions. 


The process can normally be completed within an 8 week period.

Depending upon the availability of advertising space and the quality of responses received.



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